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331 4-Speed Clutch Recommendations
So while I am here in the desert when I get time I am continuing to collect parts to finish my build when I get home. My stock clutch isn't gonna cut it for 350-400 at the wheels that I am shooting for. Hell it sucks in some driving conditions now.

I snagged a new Mcleod 463200 164t Steel Flywheel which was the final item I needed to get my rotating assembly balanced. I also have the corresponding 28oz weight on the way. The flywheel is drilled for numerous designs which allows me quite a bit of choice on the clutch I can run. So I am looking for recomendations. I am looking to stay with stock z-bar design and removing the spring assist isn't an issue if necessary.

One that has surfaced high on my list is the RAM Clutches 88502HDX Clutch Kit.
10.5" Diaphram Pressure Plate, Organic Disc, rated to about 450hp at the wheels

Any recomendations would be much appreciated. Also anything I should avoid also.
I don't know what transmission you are using but, I'd use an 11 inch sintered iron/organic disc clutch. Ram 98777 perhaps. I've had good luck with RAM. I currently have two vehicles with RAM clutches in them and they work well and stand up to the abuse they are exposed to. Good luck with the build and stay cool when you can. Chuck
That was actually one of the things I wasn't sure about and hoping would be mentioned. Generally speaking the 11" was a for trucks. I know the flywheel is drilled for the 11" clutch. I have no doubt a 11" clutch would give much better holding power which is a problem now. Honestly I think the car only has a 10" stock clutch right now. I haven't had it apart to check though.

Its a 331 Stroker (302 Roller)
4 Speed Close Trans
164t Flywheel
Big Bell Housing (my understanding was 302/351 came with one of 2 manual trans bell housings big or small depending on the year. Small I think earlier and large later?)
Ram makes good clutches.

I didn't care for the Centerforce I installed initially. I like my Zoom Kevlar, but I am not a fan of the 600 mile break in and the throwout bearing was crap. I think you would be fine with either a 10 1/2 or an 11.

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

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Strangely I have only run top loaders behind SBCs but have had good luck with mccloud clutch and pressure plates, hays or centre force clutch disks all 11inch and all fairly aggressive street strip set ups as I was younger and dumber then. Too far back to be much more than anecdotal info for you. This year is the first year back on the cars for a long time and there are some better choices now than what was the best choice 15 years ago

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