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302 swapped to 351W
I pulled out a 302 from a 1972 Mustang and am putting in a 1969 351W. Got the engine swapped out last night. But when I went to put the manifolds on, they did not reach. I simply unbolted the manifolds from the block with them still attached to the rest of the exhaust. I was able to lay them aside to get the 302 out and the 351W in. Now when I try to bolt them back up the pipes hit the bottom of the floor boards before the manifolds line up with the heads? Is this due to the taller deck height? Can I just rebend the exhaust header pipe or do I need to get a new pipe?
Right now I will probably remove the exhaust from the manifolds and then figure out how to get the pipes to reach. Any other suggestions?
I also found that some of the mounting holes from the 302 to the 351W are slightly different? Specifically the power steering pump long pivot bolt does not screw into the 351W heads. The hole that the bolt goes into is smaller on the 351W than on the 302? I also think the altenator brackets are at a different location?
Seems most sources I researched said this is an easy swap. Maybe my definition of easy is different than others?
Yep, those front accessory brackets are different.
Exhaust Y or H pipe is different.
All due to the taller deck height.

I did the same thing years ago when converting a '79 F150 from 302 to 351W.

On my '71 Mustang, I will be using all of the brackets from a serpentine belted 351W (~'97 F250), keeping the AC compressor and deleting the (emissions) air pump. Will need reverse rotation water pump and (possibly a custom) PS pressure hose.
One belt, auto belt tensioner, modern AC compressor, modern alternator, modern PS pump... I can't see where I'd go wrong...

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