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First let me thank all of you who have offered suggestions on the Overheating prob on my 73 Vert v2.
I had tried self flushing the radiator, changing thermostats, re-tuneing, and my last hope was to pull the heads and change the head gaskets. On a lark I called our local radiator shop to check on the price of having the radiator boiled out, ($65). The lady asked me if it was overheating above or below 45mph. I said that I really had no problem driving around town but the minute I took it on the hwy it shot up to 230-250 degrees. when I brought it back down to 30-40mph it seemed to cool down some. She told me the radiator was clogged and to bring it in. After they examanded it they found that it was more than 3/4 clogged and it was not repairable. She couldnt replace it and suggested one of the Mustang parts houses. I called CJ Pony and ordered a new one for $300 which included shipping.
I installed it today and took it on a short trip down the freeway (about 40 miles) and the temp never got above 205 (195 degree thermo) same around town , it stayed twix 195 and 205
I am a happy camper!
I hope someone else finds this info helpful
That's good to hear, glad your enjoying your mustang.

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Thank you for sharing. It will help.

Now, go out and enjoy that pony!
Glad to hear the problem is solved. Thanks for posting the fix. Others will find it helpful at some point in time. Chuck
Great news; now you will have peace of mind while your driving around.

Mike AKA Ole Pony & Rare Pony

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upload a photo on internet

That's awesome, hopefully your experience will help others.


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Great info and post!

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Glad you found the problem and the overheating never caused serious damage.
Thanks for the help

I have the same problem

Now have to buy a new radiator.

Dr. Alan
Hey Ted!... First of all it is good to hear your problem has been solved without further damage to your engine... you know, i have been experimenting some "supposed" overheating problem in my I6 with still factory original Rad...

I´ve done everything you did with your car, even including changing the still factory original water pump, hoses, several flushes with those magic products and a new thermostat...

I havent had the chance to try my car enough yet but if it still does something asociable to overheating and with your experience i will go directly to a radiators place here, hoping that somehow they manage to redo the panel or something but wanting to keep the original frame of my rad...

So thanks for your news!

Damián Cool

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