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302 oil pan depth
My oil always indicates 1 quart low on the stick. I always put 5 quarts in at oil changes religiously. I have also noticed, but never paid much attention to, my oil pan is an after market (chrome) pan. could it be a larger pan? What is the depth measurement  for a stock pan? Yes, I did change the stick and tube at one time, but they were the same length, tube and stick that is. Could running 5 quarts in a 6 (?) quart pan be a problem? The engine always runs strong and there are no scary noises from the engine. Just need a measurement of a stock pan vs an aftermarket 6 (?) quart pan..thanks
Stock pans are typically 7 3/4", possibly 8", depending upon where you measure it. Post a pic of the pan if you can.

i'd say most likely u have a std pan in chrome. the dip stick might be wrong. if it turns out to be a +1 qt and hopefully the previous owner used an extended pick up.
I have the same problem...5 qt only brings my oil level up to the bottom line of the normal range on the dipstick. I tried to get it to read as full one time and it took about 6.5 qt. I figure a little low is better that way too much so I just use the 5 qt level and keep a close eye on it. Hasn't gone boom yet (but I haven't even had it a year yet so who knows).

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(04-30-2019, 01:09 PM)delawarebill Wrote: i'd say most likely u have a std pan in chrome. the dip stick might be wrong. if it turns out to be a +1 qt and hopefully the previous owner used an extended pick up.

It's always read 1 quart LOW. The same with the old stick. I installed the new stick and tube, because for some reason the old one hung up and was a b&^$ch to reinstall. Both old and new are the same length, and the tube is inserted to the bead and the attach bolt aligns. This is just something I've been living with but I thought I'd pick some brains on it. What should the length of a 302 stick and tube be? They were bought together in the same package...…….
If I remember correctly I read that the Boss dip sticks are designed to allow one more qt. I am sure someone will come forward with more details.

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