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3 years in the making! Proud to introduce my 71!!
Over three years ago after completing the drive train mechanical rebuilds I was ready to sell my 71 because I knew if i kept her I could not just leave the body and paint alone. You see I had done a rotisserie restoration of my 1968 Fastback some 12 years earlier and it came out so nice that the bar was set and I also knew what I would be getting into should I keep it. I actually struck a deal to sell the 71 with a guy from England when my son stepped in and said "Really? your going to sell the Mach 1?" with a look of incredulity and then he proceeded to reminded me that this was the car that I taught him how to drive a manual in. I told him that if I was to keep it, he would have to agree it would be a father-son effort and a chance for me to learn the boy some things and have him around me more. Also that we were going to retain as much of the original car and we were going to do EVERYTHING down to the paint and color sanding. So I cancelled the deal to sell it and the project began around there same time as college did for him, so he did help; however, it was a mere fraction of what I had hoped and I ended up doing 98%. I could not be happier with the results. I finished it yesterday and it looks amazing! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do and I encourage anyone who is considering taking on this type of thing to go for it! you won't be sorry.
1971 Mach 1 M Code 351 4 barrel, 4 speed, numbers matching.
[Image: IMG_2519.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2151.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2542.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2543.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2163.jpg]

[Image: IMG_2168.jpg]
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Nice Job. Looks fantastic. You and your son should be very proud.

John J
Absolutely fantastic! You should be very proud of what you acomplished. I have never had the courage to take on sanding and painting for fear of being disappointed with the end result. I'm very impressed.

1973 H Code Convertible - Medium Copper Metallic - June 8, 1973, Built Ford Marketing Sales Vehicle
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Wow. That's outstanding! You and your son should be very proud.


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Very nice ! I like the dog dish hubcaps

I had contemplated silver, but the guy who did the body work & painted mine talked me out of it because he was afraid that the grey would show any defects.  Yours looks straight and smooth.

73 ragtop, 1999 Mustang Bright Atlantic Blue Paint, Phoenix Engine 302-335HP,  Edelbrock Carb & Performer manifold; c4 with 2000 stall and shiftkit; 3:55 auburn limited slip differential, Hedman shorties; Car Chemistry Exhaust

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Super sweet looking Pony. Paint looks beautiful, accented by the dog dish hub caps. Well done. All the desirable features too, M Code, 4 speed, and color. Love to see the engine bay and interior too.

[Image: Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-Bright-Blue-Metallic...351-CJ.jpg][Image: rh906w.jpg]
Tim: Restoring 71-73 Ponies, Restoring People
Looks great. You made the right decision not to sell it.

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- Jason

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Beautiful car! And a great story too, I’m hoping my son can help me do mine in a few years.


1973 Mach1 Q-code

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Totally awesome Paul. You and your son did a wonderful job on your restoration. You took the time and did it right. Thank you for sharing it with us on the forum. We look forward to viewing more shots of the stang.
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