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2020 meets 1971
Wonder if its exactly same shade. Colors look differant or maybe its just differant light and equipment

1971 Grandé
Awesome- Look out on the roadways. Car colors have become very boring in our gray post-9/11 world. The Ford Grabber colors were some of the best colors in the entire original musclecar era. Have to give kudos to Mopar as well back then. Also, if there were more brightly-colored commuter cars out there, drivers of hot cars wouldn't have to worry about being pulled over as much. lol
It's fairly amazing how many new cars out on the road are White, Silver, Black, or a Gunmetal Grey. My wife wanted a new car, and I told her anything she wants, so long as it wasn't any of those BORING choices. After thinking more about what I said, I thought, "that's so wrong, it's her car, who am I? Go buy whatever color you want babydoll". She ended up getting a White Ford Edge SUV ( short for Severely Ugly Vehicle, regardless of make ). New cars, go figure.
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