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2019 Calendar Photo Request!
1972 Mach 1, Q code, C-6, PS, PDB, AC, tinted glass, AM/FM, traction-lok, stripes, and magnum 500 wheels.MCA concours driven gold.

.jpeg   IMG_4169.jpeg (Size: 25.26 KB / Downloads: 210)

.jpeg   IMG_4247.jpeg (Size: 19.39 KB / Downloads: 205)

.jpeg   IMG_4232.jpeg (Size: 20.1 KB / Downloads: 202)
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MarkB  Washington Pa  1972 Mach 1
[Image: IMG-0946.jpg]

insurance for international drivers in usa

[Image: IMG-0949.jpg]

what does plpd insurance cover
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MarkB Washington Pa 1972 Mach 1
[Image: 72mustang.jpg]

when should you drop collision coverage
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When will the calender's be available?
BeerDontCount - Seattle, WA - 1973 Convertible
[Image: Newpic.jpg]
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MarkB Washington Pa 72 Mach 1
[Image: Mach1.jpg]
[Image: DSCF1357.jpg]

[Image: DSCF1355.jpg]

[Image: DSCF1352c.jpg]

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[Image: Picture-289.jpg]

[Image: Picture-306.jpg]

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[Image: 30-07-16-002.jpg]

[Image: DSC-0456.jpg]

[Image: 1_31_03_16_10_26_59.png]
The later you brake the longer you're fast. devil
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(11-07-2018, 10:21 AM)rocketfoot Wrote: Ok guys, it is that time of the year...time for the annual 7173Mustang.com Photo Calendar...but we need photos! 

If you would like to have your car appear in our 2019 calendar, please post your best photos below!  Try to post the originals or the largest file size that you can...this makes them turn out much better when the calendar is printed.

If you have any troubles posting photos, PM me and I'll reply with an email address to send them to.

Be sure to include your forum username, location, model and year with the photos!  For example:

RocketFoot - Latrobe, PA - 1971 Mach 1

The calendars are sold as a fund raiser to help keep the forums up and running so the we appreciate every aspect of the calendar sales from the generous photo submissions to the actual purchase of the calendars! 

I am also going to put together an amazing (but very tasteful) Pinup Girl calendar!!  More details on that to come!  I don't have enough photos for an all Mustang Babe calendar but I am sure the photos that I have collected will not disappoint!

So, lets see what you have...remember, the best and biggest file size photos that you have!  Post them up!  I'll try to use them all in the calendar but the final decision on content will be based on what photos work best, resolution, etc...
A few shots of my " down under " example.  May need to photo-shop highlight glare.

6DUB606 - Queensland, Australia.  1973 Mach 1, H code.

[Image: Final-version.jpg]

[Image: Rear-view-completed.jpg]

[Image: Looks-like-a-car-again.jpg]
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