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2017 Mustang GT with 1200 HP
All right. Get your $45K out people!


mustang7173 Bravo
that's insane. lol.
Oh come one... Just the plainest EcoBoost costs 60K overhere. A GT will cost about 110K.

I'm gonna cry in a corner now :-(
The 5.0 coyote engine responds well to boost, something the Ford Australia engineers found out from the get go. It's the reason why we never got it in naturally aspirated form until the Mustang. With a puny 4-5 lb boost supercharger the engines made near 450 RWHP and fully complied with all our nanny state laws. There's been tuners over here making over 1000 RWHP for years now from these engines and plenty of Falcons on the street running those numbers. Unfortunately they're all just memories since Ford closed its doors last year and GM this year. All we get in V8 form now from Ford is the N/A 5.0 in the Mustang and you have to wait 12 months to get one. After this year it will be the only affordable V8 unless you want a Euro. The good times are now just memories in this country.
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