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2014 Mustang?????????

I just puked in my mouth a little {thumbs down}
Good news for all you guys that bought a new one. Your values will increase because of this!


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
The only pic I see is of the Fusion. Where's the Mustang?

[Image: FE177109-A1-C8-4-A6-C-9224-AACCFD66-C3-C9.png]

Rick Bombard
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This situation reminds me of Ford's initial attempt to change the Mustang by releasing the "Probe" in 1989. As some of you may recall, Ford allegedly felt that a front wheel drive car would be a great replacement for the Mustang.

A lot of Mustang lovers rebelled and saw through their apparent ploy. It might have been intended as a "probe" for the market but it fell flat as many of you may recall. That having been said, to me they still utilized a similar Probe body style for the Mustang starting in 1994.

Sounds like the writing may be on the wall, but who knows?


Do the RIGHT thing.
So, sales were lack luster and they did a retro redesign that was a major hit and the other car companies copied. The Mustang appealed to baby boomers and many of the other generations as well. Obviously the answer is to make it more like the other Ford cars.... Who comes up with this stuff?

I have to say the current mustang was too much of a detraction from the original retro design.

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Pics of modifications included in:
Maybe the reason why sales are lagging is that the performance versions are so damned expensive. I mean, the Mustang was supposed to be the customizeable, inexpensive sports car, right???


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
hyena429;64917 Wrote:I just puked in my mouth a little {thumbs down}

+1 ! Sad

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Well look at it this way guys. The first gen Mustang was replaced with a car that a lot of people hated at the time.......and looks like history is repeating itself!

[Image: 1_14_01_12_10_54_29.png]


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Yeah I saw this today and thought similar thoughts... I guess this means the '05-'13 s are going to be the most desirable... I hadn't thought of the front wheel drive angle, burnouts on the front wheels just never held much appeal to me!
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