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1996 Mark VIII drive train into a 1973 Convertible
So I bought a 1973 Mustang convertible that I shouldn’t have. It’s a total rust bucket and the only reason I bought it is because I’m a sucker for a sport hood, plus I have a lot a parts. I have decided to put the running gear and possible whole floor from the Lincoln Mark VIII under it. The floor width is the same; I’ll probably have to shorten it 8 to 10 inches. I dropped the engine and front suspension out of the Lincoln and I took a ruff measurement, the frame on the Mustang is the same width as the engine cradle on the Lincoln. The 4.6 4V is narrow enough to fit between the shock towers. If I can use the whole floor I’ll be able to use the Lincoln gas tank, power seats, and the Independent rear suspension will bolt wright in.
It will be a cool project. I got a few shots of the destruction of the Lincoln.

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Cool project. Are you doing any work to the 4.6l to make some more power?
That's possible. I can't leave anything alone.
Do you mean MK VIII? The Mk VII came with a 302/ AOD, while the Mk VIII came with a 4.6/ AOD-E.
This project sounds very interesting, I hope it works out for you, it's never funny with all that rust! Smile

Daniel thumb

Pro-Touring 1973 Mustang named ''Creator'' ... Tongue
Under construction!!
Kit Sullivan;219652 Wrote:Do you mean MK VIII? The Mk VII came with a 302/ AOD, while the Mk VIII came with a 4.6/ AOD-E.

Yeah Mark VIII, I drive a VII when the weather get bad. A VII wouldn't be much of a challenge would it.

Sounds like a cool swap. Good luck! I look forward to the updates.

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garrett7;219641 Wrote:Cool project. Are you doing any work to the 4.6l to make some more power?

My son will only be 17 or 18 when he starts driving it, that will be up to him as he gets older and more experiance behind the wheel.

Any updates on this swap. I'm very interested in giving this a try.
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