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1973 rims. I need a picture of the backside. Can someone post one?
Mine have a weird machined area that does not allow the hub to sit fully around the lugs.  It is on all four rims.  Very strange very strange
Are you sure they're not the Maverick Wheels? They look the same I think except for that the Hub hole is smaller or something.

- Jim
Thinking same thing, are you sure the wheels aren't from a different model?  If you PM me your email address I'll be more than happy to send you some pics as I'll be pulling my original rims out in the next day or two so I can rearrange and tidy up my shed. I'd post them up on here but I have no luck at all posting pics up on this site for some strange reason. I've even had the kids try and they refuse to even have a go now as it just doesn't happen, so as I said just PM me your email address and I'll get them to you ASAP.        Pp
NG8264723, do you see any Ford ovals, Id markings, or any numbers at all on the inside of your rim that could help identify it as a Ford rim? The 73 Mustang, Maverick, and Comet used the same aluminum rim. In 1974 the Maverick/Comet received disc brakes for the first time and the hub and rotor used had a larger hub diameter than the Mustang so those wheels had a larger center hole. To my knowledge nothing else was done to these rims and were used through 1976 on Granada's also.
Maybe someone else here who has the 73 rims and has experienced a similar problem could offer some insight.


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The rims are at the body-shop. So i am not sure. I do not remember markings. Hopefully they will fit regardless what they came off of. The hub portion does not affect fitment
Here you go......Front and back before and after cleaning and polishing.

[Image: 20161028_155541_1_1.jpg]

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Here you go......Front and back before and after cleaning and polishing. I have 8 of them and the markings are not very consistent. I don't see any ford ovals.

[Image: 20161028_155541_1_1.jpg]

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[Image: 20161028_155459_1.jpg]

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I do not understand the recessed areas behind the lugs. Why would they machine it out? Does anyone know why they did this? It is machined out specifically but for what reason?
It's likely those areas are removed to save weight and to save material during the casting process.

It would really help if you posted photos of the back of your wheels.

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For the small keeper washer(s) that keep the drums from falling off during the trip down the assembly line?
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