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1973 302ci engine Question
In stock form I read that the F-code 302 2V engine delivers only 141hp. Can anyone that has that engine in his car tell me if it has good enough power to drive car properly in today's freeways.
Thanks for feedback
I have the 250, 6 cylinder, in my 73 Convertible and have no problems in traffic or accelerating in merge areas, so you should have no problem with the 302. But more horsepower is always more fun.

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classicsguy;47177 Wrote:In stock form I read that the F-code 302 2V engine delivers only 141hp. Can anyone that has that engine in his car tell me if it has good enough power to drive car properly in today's freeways.
Thanks for feedback

Alhough it's not the same HP as the other engines, it will still be fine to drive on the freeways. Of course depending on your gear ratio, will determine gas mileage and RPMs. I understand that the HP numbers were also "fanagled" some to appease the DMV standards as well so I bet the engines had in reality around 150-175HP. Just my opinion. I drive mine on the highway with no problems and I have the same 302 in my 72 except I do have a new intake, carb and 2.75 gears that are more higway friendly.
You can gey one hell of a lot of "Oh yeah!" out of that 302. Try my merging excuse 1 time and build from there.

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Mine is a '72 F code. When the 302 was in there it was a bit of a pig but my dad drove it from Arizona to Washington, no problems. This was back in about '99 or '00. Also, there are a lot of aftermarket parts for the 302 windsor, so if you want to upgrade it it's relatively cheap and easy.

When my dad had the '71 he rebuilt the 302 and it was a screamer.


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More hp is more fun but a 302 will get the job done just fine. Almost all cars have more hp than they actually need otherwise we'd all be flooring it wide open on every take off and floored on the interstate to maintain 70 mph.

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Don65Stang;47230 Wrote:floored on the interstate to maintain 70 mph.

Sounds like my work truck! Don makes a good point though. If you want to race then the stock 302 won't cut the mustard. If you just want to cruise, it should be just fine.


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Well classicguy... me and the other 250ci folks knows A LOT about low HP ratings Tongue... " days ago i made 450 kilometers (280 miles more or less)... My car has no mechanical upgrades what-so-ever and i never even do nothing to improve stock things... Even my shocks are factory so.. riding my stang is NOT as riding a "restored" car...

For that experience i can tell you that even the 250 ci is more than enough to the current traffic speeds... The problem is the 3 speed manual trans... It is ok to do city traffic because the car is still quite fast but in the highway, the trans limits the engine all the way... The comfortable speed for the car due to RPM is between 55 and 60 miles and that is it.... The car going at 55 is fantastic... at 60 he is asking for another gear...

Dont get me wrong... this is not even close to its top speed, even with my old and 40 year used configuration... if you press the gas pedal, it quickly goes from 60 to 80 mph and that was when i felt uncomfortable with my suspension and because of that, back to 60 and enjoying the ride Tongue

If you are not going to race the car, any engine will fit you, especially for highway rides... i´d worry a little more about the grarbox and rear axle to get a good ratings at the speed you want to drive in the highway...

For the record, my car at 60mph rated 7 km/L in fuel economy... something like 16,6 miles/gallon... i was expecting a little better than that... GRRR

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It will get the job done, not the most powerful engine in stock form. A few hop up parts will make a improvement on power, headers and dual exhaust will give you the most ump with a 73 engine. The 73 302 had pretty low compression, so sticking in a cam and four barrel carb on it won't do much. If you are on the cheap, small chamber pre 66 289 heads with adjustable rocker arms will bump up the compression by a point, it will help a bit. I got tired of messing with the 302 in my 73 Coupe and bought a good running 5.8 roller cam engine out of a 97 F250 for $700. I sold all the fuel injection stuff and made enough there to buy a four barrel intake manifold, holley 600 cfm carb and an 351W PS bracket. The headers cost me another $150. When it was all done and said I have about $1000 into my 351W and it will run circles around the 302 that was in it.

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