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1972 transmission leak FMX
Looking for some insight on my "ghost leak". Mycar has been sitting for a while and I noticed a leak that appeared to be coming from where the shift linkage attaches to the shaft. I was down about a 1/3 quart. It's been very cold here in Dallas up until to last weekend so I was able to finally get it out and drive it around for a few hours. I expected to be low again when I got back, but so far no leak? Any idea what could have caused the leak to be somewhat substantial and then disappear after driving? i know there are a couple of seals in that area but that is about the extent of my transmission knowledge. I've heard that it's possible for the torque converter to "bleed down" but that's a new one to me. i would appreciate any feedback/ideas that you may have. the transmission has been rock soild as long as i have owned the car (6 years) and still shifts like new. i really don't want to do a tear down on this thing since it's an FMX. I hear that they are unique compared to a typical C4 or C6 and if the mechanic is not familiar with the differences you can really make things worse during a rebuild which i don't feel is necessary anyway. Thanks in advance for your input.
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