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1972 Mustang at Auction today
Anybody know this car?  Would like to bid but without any background information...


[Image: 1972-Mach-4-F.jpg]
I do not know the car but if they do not show underside and trunk I would say it was just done to make a shiny good looking car. The engine bay is not detailed for sure lots of wrong finishes. 
I would ask for more pics of under carriage and trunk. See if floor is all hacked up or fixed right. Ask if cowl was replaced and what body panels replaced. 
Looks like a good driver quality car not a MCA show winner for sure. 
Pictures make a car look much better than it is especially digital.

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They just told me the car is completely original....Pretty sure ram air was not an option for Q code car, and it is not on the invoice. The magnums and also not on the invoice. They say same owner for 30 years. I think the reserve is 35k, nice car but that sounds pretty high.
Yes any Mustang buyer needs floor and bottom of the trunk pictures. If I were at the auction it would be less of a problem, guess I will sit this one out. Would be nice to find the owner, I would like this car someday.
[Image: Auction-Results-6-26-2019.jpg]
Well, if the new owner shows up on our site some day asking for help you'll be glad it isn't yours.

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