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1972 Ford Mustang Olympic Sprint FS/FT!

"I AM VERY OPEN TO TRADING FOR A DAILY DRIVER!" - um, didn't work out so well the first time.
I looked his car up on the registry it is a Sprint, it does need some work to be a really nice Driver.

1972 Mustang Sprint Sportroof

63D_____9A ______HB____10/72___35_____2_______W


[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
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I offered to trade him my GSX1100 for it. We'll see what he says.
No frame damage ? Theres frame damage trust me

Oh, I'm sure, however, it still looks manageable.
Which "frame" are you referring to?
I'm assuming from the picts that there is probably involvement in the front left rail and secondary involvement to the right (pulling) and basic squareness of the box. My car had eaten a tree early in life, prior to me owning it, and although it had been repaired I still had to put it on a rack and square it because it was still drawn slightly together in the front when I fixed it up the first time. Mustangs in general can really get some involvement deep in the frame rails and cross supports during front impact conditions. They really hate things like that.
"I am open to trades!!!!! Or reasonable offers!!!!! Motorcycles, other classic cars, cars, trucks, suv's, things that go boom!! etc. I am open to really most anything. The worst I can say is no."

he is looking for things that go "Boom" Trade a box of Fireworks, see if that works Big Grin

[Image: 2zem9nk.jpg]
1972 Mustang convertible run_horse  
Visit the Mustang Car Club of New England Facebook Page

Visit the Mustang Car Club of New England Web Page

If the prior-to-damage bodywork was done well, and if the car has held up since - it may not be such a bad deal at $4k. Donor front clip and a trip to the frame jig.

Chances of good bodywork though...minimal.

I offered up my '78 Lincoln Mark V for it. Raw deal for both of us, IMHO - all I need is more junk, eh?


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
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Both doors look like they are a tad back. The fenders are obviously scrunched against the doors.
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