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1972 Bumpers on a 1973
Will bumpers and grill from a 1972 bolt up to a 1973? I got a 1973 right now but would like to have the 72 bumpers and grill along with the lower valance with the turning signals below the bumper. How hard will this be to do?
The front fenders are different also. I do not see a gain there unless you just have to have it and keeping the car.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The 1973 I bought didn't have the grill with the car. And i have a 1972 parts car ( very bad buy on my part ) so i have a grill fenders bumpers and all that from the 72
If you change it all then will all fit. Will just be a mixture of parts and years. That is ok if it keeps you going. They can't all be perfect and original.
Your headlight parking light harness will also have to change to be able to hook up.

When a man is in the woods and talks and no women are there is he still wrong??
The car won't be numbers matching any since the engine and trans will be out of the 72 anyway. And i know there is other small front end peaces missing from the front of the 73 that i would have to buy anyway if i did have the 73 grill.
Sounds like you've got quite a project going on.

Like David mentioned, you'll pretty much need to change out all of the exterior sheet metal aside from the hood (fenders, valance, fender end caps, etc.) to make the grille work.  I'm assuming you have the bumper mounts and the rest of the bits & pieces from the '72 to work with.

If you have a standard grille on your '72, then you should be fine with the '73 harness, as far as the signal lights go - should just be able to relocate them to the '72 signal lamp locations, if they'll reach.  But if you have a '72 deluxe grille (or "Mach 1 style" grille with the Sport Lamps) here's where things get a little complicated: as David mentioned, you might need the headlight portion of the wiring harness to work all of the lights, since the Sport Lamps on the '73 are also the signal lights.  The Sport Lamps on the '72 only come on with the parking lights, and pretty much don't do anything special (they don't flash with the signals, etc.).

Everything else should be direct fit for the most part.

Hope that helps.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
With a 72 donor, aside few electric details its only about modifying a bit the bumper brackets.
I'd install the fenders first, to adapt the brackets and get a nice bumper fitment. The rest will bolt on with no problems.
You will not have an original car after its done, true, but it will have a much nicer nose.

73 modified Grandé 351C. Almost done. 
71 429CJ. In progress
71/71 nose looks better than 73 anyways Smile my favourite part of the car. 
Good luck with this, i would expect grill should fit with old fenders, if not you will just make few new holes or adapters.
I replaced all front parts from boring Base 71 to Mach1 parts - everything worked almost perfectly.
Thanks for the info everyone. I bought a 72 mach 1, took it to the body shop and it was going to need more work than i thought, so he found me a 73 mach 1 with no motor. So i should have everything to swap it over sounds like. I also agree that the 71/72 fronts look better, I'll prob end up putting the 71/72 mach 1 stripes on it too.
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