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1972 auto trans & 9" axle for 3spd toploader &8"axle
mrmach1;213139 Wrote:It seems once again I've been taken to school, but that said I would love to see a pic of this.

Ask and ye shall receive, pulled from a Google search of "351C block vin"

[Image: SrIfPh.jpg]

I have a 3 speed toploader out of a 1971. It is out of a 250 engine though.

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Interestingly enough, there is a 71 coupe for sale down the street from me with a 302 3 speed manual. It pretty much a parts car, but the guy loves it. I put a bug in the guys ear for 500 bucks. Well see....


Also, a 72 coupe about an hour from me, but its a 351 3 speed manual.

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