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1972 assembly manual
Are the assembly manuals a good tool to have.  We have no idea what is original on this car, or what it should have.  Does the assembly manual also give you part numbers or at least a description so you can try to find the part?
YES!!  I used the heck out of mine when I was putting my car back together.  A tremendously invaluable tool! thumb

Get them all, just in case you need to do something that's not covered in one, it should be in another.  I had "Body," "Chassis," and "Electrical."  I still use the "Electrical" manual even now, just making sure all of the electrics are correct.


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I agree with Mister 4X4 - but sometime the quality of the productions are not great. I have the Jim Osborn and some of the images are tough to read.



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thanks guys!!
And of course.. interior and body are back ordered.. ugh

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You can find the original Ford shop manuals on eBay.
A five volume set. Got mine there, must have.

'71 M-code Grandé w/toploader

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(02-22-2017, 08:43 PM)goodnigh Wrote: You can find the original Ford shop manuals on eBay.
A five volume set.  Got mine there, must have.

'71 M-code Grandé w/toploader

Thanks for the advise. Just ordered a set as well!
Picked up mine at one of the local antique stores.  They can be a treasure trove on manuals.
I bought a Chilton's (or Haynes - can't remember) for the '64.5-'73 Mustangs from a local parts store, and it has a '65 on the cover.  No big deal, we're kind of used to it, I suppose. Wink

But when we were visiting the sister-in-law's family back in 2012, we went to a junk store and I scored an old Haynes manual for the '64.5-'73 Mustangs with an exploded-view drawing of a '71 on the cover!  I think I might've had to give a whole buck for it... gotta love that.  Sadly, though - I think it's lost in my garage somewhere in a box with some of the other 'historical' things I've been collecting for my nostalgic angle.

Here's a pic of the cover if you ever come across one:

[Image: 1e51d35ac47c5d78c6a7ab808fd8e88b.jpg]

Now I want to find a copy of that exploded view drawing, blow it up, and hang it on the wall in the garage.  Cool


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I got the 5 volume set on CD, really like it.

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