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1971 Mach 1 "unique look" CL



1971 Boss 351
1972 Q code 4 speed convertible
Yes it is...
Some of it I really like, but I just don't think the pillar scoops fit the profile
I actually like the look of the car. The bottom line of the pillar scoops should follow the shape of the quarter fender. The top of them looks good. I always wondered what pillar scoops would look like on a 71/73.
Get a curve in that bottom edge and I think it's cool.

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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The problem with "adapting" any pillar scoops to the '71-73 is that most pillar scoops are designed with a flat rear edge.

The aggressive - and narrow - angle of our C-pillars pretty much require that the scoop come to a point to look halfway correct, but the raised area of the scoop visually disturbs the roofline when the car is viewed below beltline height.


[Image: satellite-valiant-mustang-license-tags-signature.png]
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Looks ok, but I agree the 1/4 scoops look odd because of thier shape. Something custom-fit would look good.
The rear view looks like its missing something. The front and side views feature the distinctive stripe, but no striping is visible from the rear. Needs something in the rear.
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