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1971 J -code Mach 1 on TX Craigslist
Do I spy a 73 fender
Light gold ...very rare color and specially on a 429 Mach 1
Good eye Don. Noticed it also has the mandatory vent hole on the fan shroud! Since this is a private owner sell you might be able to deal a little. Price way lower than what the "Flippers" who have discovered the 429 and "R" Mustangs , but I feel still a little high considering all the things that are not original on this one. The exterior color change, white interior gone, no rim blow wheel, and the fender Don noticed are just a few that would need to be addressed with the seller. Nothing that couldn't be returned to original, but also not cheap to do.  Car is advertised as matching number all original no rust California car. At this point I would want proof of the drive train originality. I know there are plenty of original engine cars out there, I also know that a lot of these type of cars were "Rode Hard and Put Up Wet" and don't have the original power trains. Way too easy to install a Thunderjet 429 from a LTD or a  torque monster 460, place the appearance items on it and  now it's a Cobra Jet.
Just as my Chevy buddy said, there are more Z28's and SS Chevelle's on the road now than GM ever built. At least we can arm ourselves with the Marti report and be informed as to how it was configured at the assembly plant. Wise words in today's market....Buyer Beware!!


No Officer...I really don't know how fast I was going, my speedometer stopped at 140!
I think the washer fluid bottle and bracket are what make it the 1 of 1.

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