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1971 FMX to AOD Conversion
(07-11-2018, 12:42 PM)Don C Wrote: 1- You'll probably have to make your own shift lever or add to the existing lever so you have a point to connect the lockout rod to.
2- Where do park, reverse, neutral, and L show on the indicator? Are you sure it's going into park? The shift rod probably needs adjusting and I'm betting the rod isn't connected to the shift lever the correct distance from the shift lever shaft.
3- Something is definitely not right, may be the way the TV cable is connected, may be to the wrong location, or not adjusted correctly. You really shouldn't feel any difference in the throttle pedal when driving.

I wouldn't drive it much, until you get a reliable and knowledgeable mechanic to look at it, obviously the one that installed it didn't finish the job correctly. There's more to it than just bolting the transmission in.

One of my favorite slogans - "If you want it done right do it yourself".

Thanks for the feedback. it is definitely going into park. The movement between the difference gears i.e. P, R etc is much shorter on the AOD vs my FMX. I'll see if adjusting the shift level rod makes a difference. 
The shift lever for the lock out will not fit on the AOD. Fabricating a new one may be the solution.
(07-11-2018, 03:32 PM)Mister 4x4 Wrote: If it's shifting too quickly and going into OD below 40mph, the tension on the TV Cable is too low (I made the same mistake when I first installed mine).  Mine was because I had the bracket for the TV cable too close to the carb, so there was a little bit of slack in the cable.  When I moved it back slightly and added a few millimeters of tension to the cable, then it wanted to run up to 2800-3000 rpm before shifting into the next gear - no matter how fast I was going.  When I backed off the tension and set the cable to absolute zero/neutral (no tension, no slack), it's all perfect.

I read an article about how the factory set the tension on TV cables: they would put the cables into the throttle/TV cable bracket, adjust the slider so there was zero tension & slack, the clip the TV cable adjuster into place... no pressure gauge settings needed (since they didn't actually run the cars on the assembly line).  This is how mine was done, since I had the factory cable along with the rest of the factory stuff, I'd left the adjuster alone and moved the bracket around.  Since I set the cable into pretty much the same position as the factory would've done it, everything's now working correctly.

I would check that and give it a quick drive.  If it doesn't help, then definitely take it back to the shop.

Also, I used the factory '89 Mustang shifter on mine, so the letters were all jacked up.  I just rubbed 'em off the rest of the way and got some stick-on letters from Hobby Lobby.  I drove it for a long time not even worrying about the letters, since the transmission's pretty standard - all the way forward is Park, next is Reverse (which can be slid into Neutral, which can be slid into Drive (w/Overdrive), then 2nd and 1st at the end (which can both be slid back into 2nd, the Drive from 1st).  

The ignition lock-out on my steering column is to the left... I'd planned on zip-tying it up and out of the way (but never got around to it) - I never hooked mine back up because I forgot what that rod was for and kind of lost it after a few years of working on other stuff.  Worse case scenario, if you have any issues of the key not working as a result of the lock-out ring rotating back into the key lock position, just grab the ring on the column and rotate it back to 'disengaged.'  It won't affect anything else except the key lock, which will just make you scratch your head for a minute until you remember to rotate it back to 'disengage.'  Unless someone as more information on its functionality, I don't see it as a safety issue or anything like that - more of a nuisance since you can't just remove the piece.
Thanks for the response. My biggest concerns is how it is shifting. I'll try your suggestion and let you know how it works. I am concerned the transmission shop does not know how to adjust the TV cable correct.
It sounds like the shift rod is connected too close to the shifter shaft on the shift lever on the transmission. Did you use the Lokar shift shaft and lever with the slot in the shift lever?

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
(07-12-2018, 09:52 AM)Don C Wrote: It sounds like the shift rod is connected too close to the shifter shaft on the shift lever on the transmission. Did you use the Lokar shift shaft and lever with the slot in the shift lever?
[Image: AOD_under_hood.jpg]
Don / et all.  Please see attached picture. It is the set up for the Carb and knick down. I don't see any change from my original set up. I expected to see a Bracket and TV cable. 
With this set up, I assume there is no way to adjust the shift pattern.........correct?

You would have to adjust the shifter linkage and pattern under the car, on the transmission.

Did you give them a TV cable to install? Or tell them to, and they charged you for one?

It looks to me like they cobbled together something from your FMX to use as the kickdown, which obviously does not work.

“If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.”
--Albert Einstein
I would suggest that you stop driving or even running in Park in the driveway immediately. I knew of a couple people who smoked their AOD transmissions without the proper cables and adjustments. I would also suggest a Lokar cable set up if the factory type is not handy.
Thanks, Jay
I agree with Jay, knowing now that they didn't use the right set-up.  The TV Cable is a MUST for an AOD... the shift-shaft, not so much.  Seeing the shift-shaft there instead of a TV cable explains pretty much all of your problems.

Good luck!


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