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1971 Deluxe seat belt help
Does anyone have pictures of the deluxe seat belts available as an option in 1971? I'm trying to determine what the correct set looks like but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information on the differences between the deluxe and standard belts.

I searched and found that someone posted the differences on a 73 but I believe the belts are different from the 71/72.


71 Mach 1 J code - Japanese export
72 Convertible f code - first car
Numerous other Fords
Ooh - good question. I was thinking maybe the clasps (the sunburst buttons vs. the lift latch or something), but then also maybe the extra shoulder belts mounted up high might be the difference.

I had a deluxe interior and had the separate upper belts as well, but I just replaced them with some 3-point aftermarkets from CJPP.


[Image: mach1sig2.gif]
The deluxe are the silver metal buckle.     the standard belts are black buckle type I've seen at least 4 styles in 71-73 Mustangs.        
Check out this video by WCCC. He goes over all the seat belt types for all the years of Cougars and Mustangs. Here the link.


John J

That was EXACTLY what I was looking for! An excellent explanation of all the differences between belts of every year.


71 Mach 1 J code - Japanese export
72 Convertible f code - first car
Numerous other Fords
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