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1971 Coupe resto-mod
Just found your project and I like where your taking it. You were discussing budget which is where we all live, and I thought I'd mention that I bought my interior from TMI and it being their latest offering at 2013 SEMA in Vagas, was only $960 to my doorstep. Obviously going to be different for your local but probably worth a look if you can install it yourself. High quality and has the appearance of thousands of dollars of custom upholstery.
Long overdue progress report..... I was let down by a company so had to put plans on hold whilst seeking an alternative. Luckily a friend has stepped in to help out and progress started on Friday so will have regular updates coming. First task has been to remove the old live axle and then place/measure up the new Jag replacement before repairing all the rot, no point in having to cut in to fresh metal/panels without trying first. Being in the UK I had to order and wait 6+ weeks for fresh panels and metal to arrive but now have this ready for when modifications have been made.

Current status is:

Old axle removed
New Jag IRS unit in place to measure and fabricate brackets and mountings, at the moment this is in place to get an idea but will be measured and worked out accurately obviously!
Rust in floor identified and cut away to expose chassis rails to strengthen especially in areas where new axle mounts will be needed.

I have new inner wings, front radiator panel, rear 1/4 panels, inner and outer wheels arches, rear light panel and a few other pieces that I bought through a UK company that buy and inport from Mustangs Plus.

With Scott carrying out the metalwork my task over the coming weeks will be to remove the auto box from my donor engine and hook up with the manual Getrag 5 speed that I have. Next issue after that will be working out how to fuel and manage the engine.... These Jag engines are notoriously difficult to make them run in anything other than a Jag! I have a couple of ideas but will elaborate on that when we have engine mounts and the physical drivetrain worked out and in place. A long road ahead but good to get the ball rolling again and progress under way.

I will keep the updates and pictures coming.
I like this project! You are taking it a way no one else ever would do! I hope to see some progess soon, I will follow this project for sure.. Smile

Daniel thumb

Pro-Touring 1973 Mustang named ''Creator'' ... Tongue
Under construction!!
Any updated pictures?

<img src="http://www.7173mustangs.com/gallery/1_12_09_14_10_32_45.png" />

- Nik

Old axle ready to be removed.


A bit dark but live axle out!


Jag axle lined up


With some trimming and alignment now sitting roughly in place


Rear view and rear mount view. A good fit and looks almost designed to fit...






Hi, thanks for taking a look at my project. Weekly progress now and some more pictures updated. Strengthening frame rails first and fabricating front IRS mounts.









Thanks Daniel, likewise very impressed with the way you are taking your car! As you will know not being in the US it makes it harder to just buy parts off the shelf which is why I have taken an alternative route with my car. Had been really frustrated not making progress but now have a great guy/friend helping and working on the car weekly so will be making good progress over coming months.

Rear IRS mounts taking shape and once in place the panels/rust can be replaced and then move on to the front end and engine mounts. A few more pics from yesterday.





Looks like you're making progress
That's anew. If the leafs have been replaced as precautionary for the TCPs or as mine blew shortly afterwards, then the leafs replaced 1st, then QA-1s in front and Koni's in rear.

[Image: 1_12_09_14_11_07_03.png]
love the coupe!!

here is mine...still finishing up the little things.

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