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1971 Boss 351 rough project in Fl Craigslist
I'd rather just go for this and not have to worry about all the parts and BS this guy is offering up.  I'd imagine $40k is much less than what you'd spend on the rusty "rare" Boss with extra parts for purchase.


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(03-12-2019, 04:22 PM)secluff Wrote: Eric, a double edged sword at best. Missing all the major components that actually made this car a Boss would be a major and expensive undertaking. Like 7173Vert  had posted about his 429 J code vert, you will easily have 100k in the car but even at the best of car auctions you will be lucky to recoup half that amount. Unfortunately our cars just don't have the money drawing mystique, that surrounds the Boss 302/429, Shelby's and the CJ/SCJ powered hot rods of the 65-70 era. Even if you could find enough to build this car back to OE, you would still have to top the engine off with a $8,500.00 (Perkins) carburetor. Would be tough for me to spend that kind of money on a 4300D carburetor that everyone loves to hate!  
Then on the other hand if you restomod it you would receive the expected hate mail!
Eric, why don't you dig up a couple of those coffee cans full of money your hiding in your backyard and take a chance on this one.   whistling
I have a feeling this my be another instance where a car is sold for a desirable VIN, and the VIN will show up "Somewhere" else on down the road.

I totally agree with your sentiment, which is why I am not even remotely interested in diving into a Boss [or any other rare or collectible model] project.  I don't have any magical coffee cans of money hiding anywhere, but I can guarantee that Bob Perkins wouldn't see a dime of it were I in the market - he's not the only NOS/OEM guy out there, after all.  I know he's just a guy who has capitalized on a niche and established himself as the 'go-to guy' for expertise and hard-to-find, rare replacement parts for rare and collectible Mustangs... but I also believe there's a big difference between "gouging" and "amputation."  I get it that everybody needs to make money and deserves to be compensated for their time, effort, and resourcefullness, but I also feel like there's a break-over point between "fair" and "excessive."  That's one of the biggest reasons you'll never catch me swimming in those ponds.

I also admit that I don't have the discipline, dedication, determination, resources, patience, or any of the other positive qualities required to perform an absolute faithful restoration (as some of the others here have done so very well).  Again, I think I'd do pretty much what I did for my H-Code.  What that means is that I would restore the car to the point that simple Day Two mods could be employed, which would be completely reversible should a potential buyer wish to further complete the restoration.  Someone else should be able to track down the required rare, collectible parts to complete an 'almost' faithful restoration of mine as it sits (aside from the use of repop sheet metal, the location of the seat platforms, the welded-in subframe connectors, and rear shock cross member, that is) - everything else on my car is completely reversible, after all.  Cosmetically, my car is a set of rims, removing the louvers, and reinstalling the urethane bumper away from looking as it did from the factory.  Beyond that, if someone wanted to push that even further, they can source the Autolite 2100, FMX & shifter, points ignition system, factory Heater, front seats, woodgrain vinyl, and Philco radio - I still have the stock wheels (albeit with sport covers), 2V intake, exhaust manifolds, window cranks, instrument panel clock, and rear defroster switch, harness, and glass.

Just about as close to the 'best of both worlds' as I think anybody could get.  Let the hate mail flow.   Haha


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