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1971-73 Mustangs: Why are they the least liked ?
The Mustang IIs had their place in time. If you want to talk about ugly ducklings. What about the 79-81 Mustangs.Confused ( except 79 Indy pace car ).
I actually owned an '82 hatchback, and I loved it (well... it WAS my first car, after all). Wink

Still more Mustang-like than the Mustang IIs though.


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I agree with Thundertc64. While the nameplate 'Mustang" continued in 74 it was an embarrassment. The long nose and running downhill is Classic Muscle to me!
I think some of it comes from the, somewhat religious belief, that the muscle car peaked in 1970. For the most part the early mustangs(1965 to 1968) were pony cars not muscle cars. There were a few exceptions, but for the most part they weren't real muscle. In 1969 and 70 the mustangs got that lean mean look but the 70's saw a change in the way horse power was determined and power began to drop as the bodies got bigger. But, ride got better, control got better and comfort got better. Personally I like the 71 to 73 body styles better than any of the others.

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Yeah, I have noticed a lot of resentment from other mustang forum members and some Mustang guys at shows but for the most part, the general public loves our cars! It's a fact! I have gotten more comments at shows than my more common neighbors and I think it is because there are less of these cars around. When a casual show spectator see's one, it is something they don't see all the time! This is also why the early Mustang guys get pissed! Our cars tend to get more attention that theirs!


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Disclaimer: I do enjoy looking at all Mustangs...64.5 to present and I don't openly cut any of them down based on year, but I really do like 71-73 the best!

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i think that dislike for our era mustangs is changing... just what happened with 69-70 stangs a few years ago... It is a matter of when an object become a classic.... It doesn´t happen only with cars in fact...

As i never even been touring for the USA, i dont know in person a lot of "the feeling" i should know about our cars and what does they mean in the society... I always give my 2 cents based on what i think it can be...

But i´m seeing a change of sight for our cars... Look how much more expensive they became in the past year!!... Magazines are doing covers with our cars and even in SEMA, one of the stars was the Pegassus... another point for us, either you like mod cars or not...

The MOPAR people also respects a lot better our stangs than the ones older...

I think we are going to witness how our cars grow up in peoples choice... Smile

Damián Cool

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I agree somewhat on the "74" sentiment. I always called them Pinto II. However, if the Mustang name would've died then, we might not have the new ones. All the cars got bigger around 71. Torino's, Camaro's, etc. It was just the era. The '71 Boss 351 was the fastest Mustang built way up until the 90's, but because Ford dropped out of racing, it was a secret. The gas crisis of 74 (or somewhere around there) had the big body or big engine cars sitting on car lots after they got traded for a new Datsun, and people looked at them with disdain. They never had a chance to develop a following. Just my 2 cents.

The HP drop in these years was considerable. With the gas crisis looming over everyones heads, Ford was trying to make an economy, muscle car. Then in 1974 they downsized to the Mustang 2 to meet consumer demand of economical cars. They went downhill for quite a few years after that.
Nothing to say we can't change that now though. Right? Nice, big engine bay in our stallions!
I remember in high school a guy a couple years older than me had a 71-72 Mach One, I thought that car was so sexy looking , blue and silver, I was already a Mustang nut but that car made me start watching the big bodies.

I've owned a Mustang from each major restyling that they've had except the 74-78 and 94-04.

And the two that I have right now I've enjoyed the most!

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73 Convertible 302-4v-3spd yellow /white int

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NoLimitssjca;45219 Wrote:I agree with Thundertc64. While the nameplate 'Mustang" continued in 74 it was an embarrassment. The long nose and running downhill is Classic Muscle to me!

awww Its wasnt that bad..Very strong bodies...Even stronger than the fox...The v8 ones are very fast with little mods...I use to think they were so ugly..But last 10 years i start to notice..I think they look more like the new mustangs than the 79 on area..lol...Then i got that one behind the shed..Well after alot of research,,,,kinda like are cars 71-73..Got a rap they didnt desurve..But they were made for a diffrent time.... watch this one thou....WOW...I would take it in a heart beat...850 HP under the hood..What a sleeper mustang ii cobra..lol

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