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1971-72 Mach 1 vs 73
That 73 in the picture would look a lot better if the trim was not missing on the grill.


The which bumper is supposed to be on my 71-72 appears here regularly.  With the 71-72's approaching the 50 year old mark and many non original owners here, it's a legitimate question.
All 71-72 Mach 1's (Body code 05) had a urethane front bumper as standard equipment.  All other Mustangs had the chrome front bumper standard  with no factory option for the urethane  bumper.  There wasn't a lot of exclusive items  on the Mach 1 to differentiate it from the 02 standard sportsroof, but the urethane front bumper was one of the few items. There was a 71 Spring Sprint special that had the Mach 1 grill and urethane bumper, NASA hood with color keyed hood and fender mouldings, color keyed racing mirrors and Boss style side stripes. The Sprint Special is something Ford had been doing starting with the 65-66 Mustangs. There were a few special orders Ford would allow the Dealer access to  such as power seats and moonroof since they were available on the Cougar which was built on the same line as the Mustang. Most of the special orders on the car line were non production colors for that particular car line. Ford didn't normally allow anything that would decontent a vehicle model such as removing the urethane front bumper on a Mach 1. With the Endura front bumpers and covers on the  GTO's and Firebirds so widely accepted, the front bumper on the Mach 1 just made us part of the "Group".

The problem with the 71-72 urethane bumper is just that. A two year utilization with limited use on other models such as the 71 Spring Special, 72 Red White and blue Sprint cars and a Decor Group option only available on the base coupe and vert.
The company that manufactured the bumpers for Ford changed hands a couple of times and eventually went out of business and disappeared from the landscape.  No one seems to be able the find the original blueprints for the  bumper at Ford and with the manufacturing company no longer in existence, another dead end!!

So as others have posted, with insane prices on rare NOS and no damage used bumpers, most are forced to use the chrome standard bumper.  Since this gives the Boss 351 look with the painted hood and fender mouldings, it still makes for a good looking car.
Just look at Eric's beautiful pewter Mach 1. He calls it "Just a Lowly H Code" but it's a perfect example of how good these cars can be made to look. The chrome front bumper and Cragars look like something that was time machine transported from 1971.

The 73 Mustang sported the federally mandated 5 MPH crash bumper on all models, so there was no other bumper choice. A one year only bumper since the 74 Mustang was a totally new model with no parts interchange. Finding a good 73 bumper can also be a challenge.  

As far as what the dealer would do to make a sell....ANYTHING!! If you wanted a toaster oven and a revolving Disco ball in your pride and joy, consider it done.

Hope this has helped to answer some of your questions and not confused the issues more.     Big Grin


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Steve - that really clears it up -- in fact the whole thread helped me learn a bit more  ... many thanks  thumb

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(08-04-2019, 02:57 PM)Mister 4x4 Wrote:
(08-04-2019, 02:50 PM)1sostatic Wrote: Haha

Mister 4x4 now informs me he nailed a chrome hooter to his 05 body whilst he fixed his battered urethane version. 

My name has been besmirched ... I demand satisfaction ... Like Gentlemen ... its pistols at dawn, on the village heath at ten paces.  Huh

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.... I'm dead.  Bravo Haha

Sorry to have left ya hangin' there - I read the other thread before this one.  Your honor Sir, it still intact due to a procedural error on my part.  It is I, who shall depart in shame.   rofl

Hehe  Haha  this was fun ... All the best to you and your gorgeous car  thumb

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Was it just the 'cosmetics' that the FB poster was concerned with? I presume they know the emissions,hence power, restrictions that came in from '72 onwards.
(08-04-2019, 02:02 PM)kcmash Wrote: Well I don't know everything you could be right , but I do know that the 71-72 urethane is not being reproduced so a lot of people who restore put a chrome bumper on instead that's why we see so many today.


Hi KC 
It's such a mix of who optioned what in the show room - and/or what changes someone may have made part way through a car's life. I've been grappling with the oddities in the official options lists for some time - thanks for helping straighten me out. Shootself

But, You know what ? - I know it's personal taste... Out of this discussion I've come to a realization that some colors, the Chrome option really makes the front of the car pop more and balances with the chrome on the rear in good proportion like Eric's car. 

But back to the beginning of this thread... my buying eye is still tuned more to the 71  and 72 styling wise.

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(08-05-2019, 01:28 AM)mustangandy Wrote: Was it just the 'cosmetics' that the FB poster was concerned with? I presume they know the emissions,hence power, restrictions that came in from '72 onwards.

That's interesting, ...was the power restricted in 73 for emissions reasons ? ... I don't know -- there was a point Chevrolet cranked the power down on all their Corvettes for this;  making them lame through the mid 1970's

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Just saw this one this morning and will toss the one other type build into the pot.
If you did order a Mach 1 with a non factory color, Special Order Paint & Trim, you got a chrome front bumper in 71 & 72 due to the fact that Ford did not have the matching non factory color paint with the flex agent in it. 
In 1973 cars with non factory Special Order Paint & Trim got Argent front bumpers.
If you have the build sheet for either the bottom half has any special instructions that is where it tells the assembly line to install the Chrome bumper on 71 & 72 or the Argent bumper on the 73.
Since the picture of the 73 did not have the stainless trim here is a  complete one. Also a pic of an Argent front bumper on a std. grill 73 vert. Decor Group car is yellow one that got the Mach 1 grill as part of the DG.
[Image: 57098989-2306865106253010-8786943822744518656-n.jpg]

[Image: Argent2.jpg]

[Image: DSC00041.jpg]

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pic of my 73 Mex Mach 1. spoiler is missing, but I have a replacement. the underside of the car has plenty of holes drilled, but none of them line up with the holes in the after market spoiler I got....
[Image: front-grill.jpg]

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(08-05-2019, 02:59 AM)1sostatic Wrote: That's interesting, ...was the power restricted in 73 for emissions reasons ? ... I don't know -- there was a point Chevrolet cranked the power down on all their Corvettes for this;  making them lame through the mid 1970's

The manufacturers changed from SAE gross horsepower rating to SAE net horsepower rating in 1972. This made the 1972, and later, engines appear to have much less horsepower. While actual horsepower was down, due to increasing emissions standards, it was not nearly as much as the change in rating standard made it seem.

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