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1971 429SCJ for sale
(09-09-2019, 03:47 PM)donkost Wrote: I spoke with the owner of Classic Car Garage in Greenville, Michigan a little bit ago.  Those pics being used by the scammer are from when they had the car listed on eBay.  He said it was sold to a person in Texas for $40K (he was going from memory), and the person had it shipped there for a restoration.  He said it was a original survivor car, including the paint.  As you know in these cases I'm sure sections were touched up over the past 48 years for various reasons.  I am only the messenger and I have no other information as he had to go out on some errands.  But you can save your money for the Alabama airline tickets because there is no car there to purchase.  I'd still recommend playing around with the scammer a little longer.  Ask him for those pics of the VIN on the door tag or dash, or a new pic of him with the car holding the title.  Smile

Great investigative work Don!

          As you recall, you're the one who helped me identify the scam I fell for, but luckily Ebay got me all my money back. I said it on that post, and I'll say it again, Ebay is the only site out there that offers any kind of protection, but you have to conform to every single rule and stipulation that Ebay lays down when you buy a car off their site in order to get that protection. Make sure to do all your correspondence through the Ebay messaging system.

         If you suspect it is a scam, contact Ebay and tell them your concerns. They can very easily identify a scam on their end before you wire money after a sale. They can make sure the user ID matches the information of the person posting the ad. Most times these are Ebay users whose accounts are hacked. In the example of the link about my experience that Don posted, these scammers are getting very good at photoshopping pictures, and many times are operating from a foreign country. 

          Good luck, and be careful out there!

1F03M, Maroon,Blk Int,Wht Top,A/C,Rim Blow,Posi
1F03M, Maroon,Wht/Wht,PW
1F03M, GrbrLime,Wht/Wht,A/C,CA Car
1F03M, Drk Green,Grn/Blk,4-Spd,Tach,R/A,Tilt,Rim Blow,PW
1F03M, Drk Grn,Blk/Blk,4-Spd,Tach,A/C,Tilt,Rim Blow,Mgnms
1F03M, Black,Wht,Wht,Tach,Posi
1F03M, Brown,Ginger,Blk,4-Spd,R/A,Tach
1F03M, Pewter,Blk,Blk,4-Spd,A/C,R/A,Tach,Mgnms
2F03R, GrabberBlue,Wht,Wht,Dcr Grp,Tach
2F03R, Brgt Blue,Wht,Wht,Dcr Grp,Tach
2F03Q, Red,Wht,Wht,Rim Blow,A/C,Tach,Conv.Grp,DcrGrp,Stripes,Mgnms
2F03Q, Rd,Rd,Blk,Rim Blow,A/C,Tach
2F03Q, Brgt Lime(Orig. Gld Glw),Blk,Blk,A/C,P/W,Tilt,Conv Grp,Dcr Grp
2F03Q, Grbr Blue,(Orig. Brt Blue)Wht, Wht,4-Spd,Tach,A/C
3F03Q, (2) Gold Glow(one Blk int,one Ginger int),both 4-Spd,Tach,Dcr Grp,Stripes,TuTone Hood,Frgd Whls
3F03Q,BluGlow,Blu,Wht,4Spd,A/C,Tach,DcrGrp,Stripes,TT,Frgd Whls
3F03Q, Copper,Gngr,Blk,4Spd,Tach,DcrGrp,Stripes,T-T,Frgd Whls
3F03Q, Trpl Wht,A/C,P/W,Tilt,Tach
3F03Q, Spcl Ordr Black,Blk,Wht,Tach
3F03Q, Spcl Order Purple,Wht,Wht,A/C,Tach,Tilt,P/W,Frgd Whls
And 10 more verts, 2 Boss 351s and 1 M-code Mach I! Big Grin
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