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1969 Mach I or Fast Back
Well Folks, I might be taking another plunge.

As some of you may recall, I have a 428CJ motor along with a wide ratio Top Loader in "Fire" (my '73 Mach I). I also have a cast iron tail shaft C6 sitting on the bench. I am putting together a 545 and C6 to replace this combination and pulling the 428CJ. The plan is to try and find a '69 or '70 mustang as its (428CJ and cast iron C6) new home.

Well, I was visiting "Ice" (my '73 Grandé) at the Paint Shop last week and the owner noted that he had a '69 Mach I that is nearly complete for sale. It is only missing the drivers seat - - everything else is there except engine and transmission. It has a 9" with Trac Loc, body is straight (in primer), all glass is good. He told me it is a Mach I but the VIN shows "02" which is a fastback. He is adamant that it is a Mach I and claims the '69 VINs all had "02" for fastbacks, even if the car is a Mach I. That is at odds with my reference material.

Anyway, I have ordered the MARTI report and dependent upon what it says, he and I should be agreeing on a price.

So, it looks like another "pony" will be joining the corral pretty soonSmile!

That will be a nice ride with the 428 keep us posted.

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Sounds like a great project! Congratulations!

[Image: 1gq8uo.png]
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Pretty sure he is correct about no Mach 1 designation in the vin for 69.
I think it was on the door tag though, Marti book shows...
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Good luck

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Don, that is good to know as the guy I am speaking with has never led me astray and he is HEAVY into mustang restorations.

The door tag was missing so I ordered that along with the Marti report.

Thanks again.

428 and 69 Mach 1 is like bacon and eggs they belong together.Tongue
Learn something new everyday. Smile post the marti when it comes in along with the pics..

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