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1968Fastback Introduction
I found this in the alternative clock thread in my Marketplace so I am moving it over here as 1968Fastback's introduction.

(10-12-2018, 10:30 AM)1968Fastback Wrote:Hey there, I see someone linked to a product listing of mine on Ebay so I thought I would introduce myself and offer a product discount to any interested members.  My name is Jim and last year I started a tiny company in SoCal named Impact Auto Parts.  In late 2016, I inherited a 1968 Fastback that has been in my family for 50 years and have since become a classic Mustang fanatic.

Last year, I decided to design and build a 1967-68 quartz dash clock that would run on a single AA battery, as I was taken aback by the high prices for repros and restorations and I simply didn't want to pay that much for a clock.  It felt like there was a pent up demand for a lower cost clock for the budget shopper (like me) who could then spend those savings on other parts.  Make no mistake, I know other people and companies need to make a profit so they should charge whatever the market will bear (and those prices are absolutely warranted for the concours/high end segment of the market), but I felt there might be an opportunity to build a lower end business and to help classic car owners at the same time.  After building and installing a clock in my car (which looks identical to the original factory version), friends at car shows started asking how I got mine.  When I told them I produced a quartz clock that looked identical to the factory version and could sell it for half the cost of the competitors, they asked if I would make and sell one to them.  So began this business.  

Starting with the 1967-68 dash clock, I sold enough of those that I started building the 1969-70 Deluxe and 1969-70 Standard clocks, which also goes into the 1971-73 console clock for the Mustang and Cougar.  I have also expanded into new models (Camaro, Corvette, Chevelle), associated parts (e.g., 1969-70 Deluxe clock spacer, which nobody else produces), and complete kits, which includes not only the clock but the clear lens, blue light diffusers, spacers/frames, etc.  That is the $199.99 listing that was linked here by someone, which (based on the sales so far) is a very reasonable price for a complete assembly that someone can install and forget about it.  The clock sells for $74.95 by itself.

I am a small business owner so I welcome any and all constructive feedback, including suggestions for new products.  So far there seems to be a need for this type of product, so I want to keep selling them to other Mustang owners so they can enjoy their car as much as I do.  Earlier this year, I started selling wholesale through National Parts Depot and will be reaching out to other distributors soon.  However, if you wish to buy directly from me, I am happy to offer a 10% discount to anyone from this site.  Just PM me and I can provide the details.

Lastly, my apologies if this post is not allowed or encouraged.  I saw a link here to one of my Ebay product listings and wanted people to understand the context of who I am and why my products are priced the way they are.  Thank you.
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