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17" steelwheels
I've been looking for a quite sometime for 17" steelwheels for the Mach 1. Why steelwheels - well, everybody seems to have 17" chrome 5 spoke AR or Cragars so dare to be different??? If you have a weak stomach please skip this next sentence. I bought a used set of Dodge Caliber 17" OEM wheels = dirt cheap. I didn't want to buy a 200 bucks (a piece) 17" wheels from Wheel Vintiques so decided to try these puppies. These mayflower Wheels are bulged heavily from the center, so you can mount there a HUGE brake calibers if you wish. Otherwise they will need to be widened outwards though, 1" at front and 2 1/2" at rear - I'll have a professional wheelshop to do this during the winter. Wheels bs is 5.27" as OEM, so no need to modify bs.

Wheels did have a 215/60-17 27.1" tall tires mounted on them, I'll use them at front. For the rear I bought a set of four 275/55-17 28.9" tall. I like tall tires, my rear drag tires are 29.3" - love the look them under the car.

What do you think what color should I paint them? I've been pondering between gold or black, what do you think? Black would be an easy choice, but the gold is a very traditional Ford muscle color - remember the 427 emblem? Anyway I'll need to use some filler to be able to hide the mayflower die cutting...

There's a comparison between 275/60-15 and the 275/55-17 in the first picture. 275/55-17 thread measures allmost one full inch wider than in the 275/60-15 tire - Gee.

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damn! Might make a nice spare for my car. . . .

[Image: 1_01_07_15_8_53_18.png]

"I love my Hookers!" and "Get some Strange" probably have a different connotation to non automotive enthusiasts!
I'm thinking maybe silver or black.
Silver or Argent to match the stripes.....
Argent or silver would be obvious choice due to argent Mach theme. I am still leaning for the gold, since I am vintage nascar fan... If the gold doesn't work out, then I'll mediablast them and paint them again. Bronze would be nice too like the David Pearson # 17 Holman & Moody campainged '69 Talladega had.

We were trying to figure out the wheel desing of the Dodge wheels. Everybody must know the nascar desing called D-window or D-hole like this:
[Image: 51SWB8i9ZHL._SL500_AA300_.jpg]

I my humble opinion the Dodge wheels has a A-window, so does it make them as the A-#¤%#¤ desing??? Big Grin
[Image: $(KGrHqV,!ikE9STIK,yNBPgvMwzle!~~60_35.JPG]
Post up some pics once you get them painted.
Low budjet 17" wheels are progressing - slowly though.

It's been a while, but now here's the first test paint before mediaplasting. I am ending up to similar paint theme, but going to use a tad darker centersection colour. Rim is silver metallic and the center is bronze flake. Rear wheels are now 17x9.5 with 5.27 BS. They should bring the tire close to the fender. Wheel widener made really nice job.

I'll be posting more pics once they're done or test fitted under a car. Hope you like them!

[Image: kuva0161.jpg]

[Image: kuva0163.jpg]

Here's something to give you an impression that how much the wheel is widened - can is a std. coke size.
[Image: kuva0145white.jpg]
Those wheels actually look pretty good. I like the bronze color.

[Image: 25rnz1y.jpg]

Yup, this is getting interesting. :-)

[Image: 1z21rv4.png]


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Check out my video:

Very cool. I may wave missed this but how were they widened?

[Image: 36319488731_8f2a376549_z.jpg]
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