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13.5 Weeks Post Surgery Recovery!!!
well i got released to go back to the gym with alot less restrictions. monrh 2-3 was a 20-25lbs weight restrictions. i was told to try to get stronger with some common sense to always be on the back of my mind until month 4.

everything seems to be going ok, but i got some fat to burn off and some muscle to put back on.

here's a pic of the nasty car thats for life now and the small mis-symetry i'll have forever as well!!!

thanks for the ones who had me in their prayers when i had surgery.

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Ouch! Glad you're doing well Olie!


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
sm3570;25711 Wrote:Ouch! Glad you're doing well Olie!

chicks definately don't dig these big ugly scars!!!
Glad you can hit the gym again, Olie.

The chicks that don't care about a scar are the kind of chicks you want to be hanging with anyway, and most people care about it less than you might think. Lookin' good, my man.



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