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1-piece Headliner
Just for grins, I was browsing around when I noticed this:


I filled out their online form expressing an interest for one for my 71 Mach 1. I actually got a reply back. Big Grin


We are definitely looking into expanding our product line, especially in the mustang field. I'm the resident mustang fanatic around here so I'm always pitching new ideas for us to come out with. We have a busy summer/fall with releasing a few new products, but I can see what we can do about 1 piece headliners for your year of mustang.

Jared Miller
Late Model Mustang Interior Division
TMI Products, Inc.
(951) 272-1996 Ext. 119
They come in a pure vinyl type of 1-piece headliner besides the unisuede. It looks pretty cool for those interested in doing a a restomod. Smile


Interesting...so it's a modern take on the old headliner?


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
I have made a few for some other cars with success but it involved a lot of colorful language so for the price they are getting I would jump on it
sm3570;122491 Wrote:Interesting...so it's a modern take on the old headliner?
Sure looks like it. I'm not too keen on the unisuede, but a 1-piece vinyl would be pretty bad-ass.


Steve@CJ just showed me this thread. ( He's a pretty good guy I think and well.....He's everywhere)

Haha yeah, you definitely got a reply back. Usually ANY mustang question on our contact form goes directly to me. I'm the " mustang freak" around here. I've had 9 different mustangs, and the next one will be a classic when I move into a bigger place with garage.

At this moment I have put the idea into the R&D guys head for it, but there are A LOT of projects going on right now, but we haven't forgot about ya!
Hi Jared!

Thanks for posting on the boards and being there for our 7173's! Good to see more vendor support for our cars as we slowly build them up. God knows how long mine will be on the road again, but it is good seeing more parts coming out. So keeping my fingers crossed. That and you guys have some pretty good looking Mach 1 sports seats that I plan on going for since my own car will be restomod with a lot of planned modern touches to it. Cool


No problem.

We will get there with you guys! Just have WAY too many coals in the fire, and the fire is HUGE haha
I would buy one in a second for my 71... I like the idea of unisuede (especially if I could get more of it to trim out other parts of the interior), but honestly I'd like to see one of each before deciding
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