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Dash Panel LED Replacements
Anyone have any luck replacing the incandescent bulbs lighting up the dash with some fancy new LED's?

What are the advantages?

What are the disadvantages?

I am counting like 12 bulbs total behind speedometer, tach and fuel gage.

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Wolverine;66282 Wrote:Anyone have any luck replacing the incandescent bulbs lighting up the dash with some fancy new LED's?

What are the advantages?

What are the disadvantages?

I am counting like 12 bulbs total behind speedometer, tach and fuel gage.
W..I did all the bulbs in my other car..(you know which one rofl )Advantages are brighter cleaner light..different color choices..

I don't see any disadvantages except price for the bulbs.

I can read the gauges at night now...

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You could start here... http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-led-d...t=LED+dash


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Another benefit besides the much better readability of the instruments is the lower heat emission of LEDs compared to bulbs. A lot of plastic cluster housings were barbecued over the decades. This phenomenon ocurred even worse when bulbs with higher wattage were used to enhance luminosity in the past.
I did mine last weekend.
with the original bulbs it was difficult to see them with the rpm's up, and next to impossible at idle.
they would flicker along with the headlights, and I kept having an issue with the temp gage randomly shooting all the way to high.

now they are bright as can be, don't flicker, don't change luminosity with the rpm's and my temperature gage is working just fine.

however, I took my headlights off of the headlight switch circuit and ran them through relays at the same time, so that might have played a part too.

the drawbacks are the cost and the time it takes to get to them, but I think it's certainly worth it
I did mine two summers ago, and am very happy with the way they turned out. I had to screw around with the contacts on a few bulbs to make sure I was getting a good connection but once that was taken care of they have worked great.

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Here's what I did. I think its cheaper than buying bulbs and brighter.


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I got a kit from Mustang project and I love them. They´re really a lot brighter than the stock lamps. To give you an idea: I can easily see the light from the LEDs when I am in an underground garage alight with incandescend lights. The stock ones I could only see at night when everything around me was dark.
I can only recomend going LED, no matter which system you choose.

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Check out my video:

I've got to get some of those!

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