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Source for brake booster nylon plate
I just had my brake booster (front discs) rebuilt via the Cardone "rebuild+return" service since regular exchange or outright parts of this type are not available any more. The rebuild was done nicely and to my satisfaction, but in the box it was shipped in was a note that the white nylon plate which serves as a shim between body sheetmetal and booster and holds the rod boot was not in stock and thus could not be replaced.
The old part was re-installed. The condition is not the best.
Can anybody give me a source where I can get a used one in nice shape?

I guess most look like mine (photo) or worse...

.jpg   Booster.JPG (Size: 90.46 KB / Downloads: 54)
If anyone I would try Don at OMS
I was wondering the same. I renewed the brake system recently, but came to a stumbling block on the booster, mainly being told they were discontinued. In the end I had another type of booster shipped, looks more chunkier and a goldy colour instead, than the normal larger black booster. Also noticed the nylon spacer was not on the new type of booster so will need to look over the old one and see if I can remove the old one and fit it.

Seems like there must be a opening in the market for some 71-73 parts.

It's like a big tease when you view parts list - you see a similar part and it stops at 1970?
Yes, it seems these boosters were only used on the 1971-73 Mustangs and the Cougars of the same years. No other car uses that part. Some years ago, the 71-73 cars were the "unloved ponies", no one cared about the parts and cores were plentiful. Now also these models have attracted desire of collectors and a lot of people restore one. Demand for parts goes up and the market is swept empty...
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