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Head light switch rod

I am in the middle of a two week holiday and am 'hold up' in the garage preparing the Mach1 for a new coat of paint. Luckily the company who are handling the respray allow me to go into their garage/workshop and work on my car. I'm handling all the stripping out of interior exterior, engine etc.

So far things have been going great, I've found the build sheet and am pleased with facing hardly any rust other than the rear light panel - yes folks the doors are solid, so are the rear quarters. I have all the dash out and the cowls are as good as the day they left the factory. Which is amazing when you consider the car has been sat for 23 years.

It's just small things like the rod that links the light switch knob to the switch. Amazing with the lack of rust on the body this rod has chosen to seiz/rust itself in the switch.

I tried to get the rod out of the old switch but the rod snapped. I have a new switch that I got from a swap meet but no rod. I've tried looking on all the main mustang parts places online but can't find one other than earlier mustang parts.

Is there a 71-73 dealer on the net that holds these sort of parts?

Thanks in advance.
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