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What Is Your cars FACTORY redline
I am curious to know the REDLINE for your car from the Factory with the FACTORY motor. Please fill in the info as shown in the sample below.

Motor CI:
Factory Redline:

Year: 1971
Motor CI: 351
Designation: Boss
Factory Redline: 6150

I have been unable to find any credible informatoin. If someone knows this information is in the shop manuals, I will go there. Otherwise help is appreciated.

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351 4v cleveland factory redline i think was 6150 rpm...I use to joke with my freinds..There is no red line for it..Just look at my tac!! Sence my factory tac doesnt have a red line on it..lol
6150 is the number I found for the rev limiter.
Hydraulic lifters would begin to float at some point.


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I have no clue for my H code. Probably something north of 4500....


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I seem to recall rev limiters on the Boss 351's and that to get best dragstrip times they were removed/bypassed and shifted at higher RPM's
Factory redline is another story I am pretty sure I read 5400 for the 73 Q code 4v 351

IIRC rods are good to 7000rpm when using ARP nuts and somewhat more when prepped properly.

given that my factory tach is reading 7000 rpm when the engine is turning 6200, I'd say Ford built inaccurate tach's to make drivers thing their cars were superior to the competition (and to keep us from actually shifting at redline)

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