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Build Sheet Help
Fellas, I'm trying to finish filling in the missing information from my build sheet and I need some help. Here are the original specs:

1972 Sport Roof
302-2V engine
Not sure of transmission (C4 maybe with the 302?)
Los Angeles DSO

The spots I need to fill in are:
B1 through B16 (engine and transmission)
C1 through C9 (Radiator/Cooling/Emissions Drive Belt)
Assembly line (probably impossible to find out)

If anyone has build sheet info for a typical Sport Roof 302-2V and can help fill in the blanks I would appreciate the help.


[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
Alrighty then, after a little poking around I found that member 72Q-code has an 1972 F code Mach 1. I believe the engine tag number should be the same, and his came with an FMX transmission which sounds right to my ears. So I have filled in that data. His build sheet didn't list anything in items C1 through C9 so I left that blank. I need to order the Marti Report to get my scheduled date and verify options.

ETA: I added a .pdf of a spreadsheet I made up to easily enter the information. The font in red is what was cut off, so I'm not sure if it is accurate.

Mach1JB (John), if you read this I'll be pming you soon if you are still doing the repro build sheets on your computer!

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[Image: 25yvyp3.jpg]
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