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Titanic (she was alright when she left here)
Hi guys being an Ulster boy I thouught I should post on the 100th aniversary of a little boat built in Belfast , they opened a new musem about it a couple of weeeks ago which was attended by a man now 105 years young who was at the launch with his parents. I went to the Andrews Memorial primary school in a little town called Comber were the ships designer came from.
It is sad that the shipyard Harland and Wolf once the biggest in the world is now only a repair yard.
I should add that Belfast did make a small contribution to the motoring world as it was here that John Dunlop invented the pnuematic tyre, Harry Ferguson of tractor fame patened the Ferguson 4wd system the ejector seat was invented locally by James Martin(come on admit James Bond wouldn't be the same without it) and Prof Pantridge another local invented the mobile defibrillator very handy after adding up the cost of your cars restoration.
Ya'll built an indestructable boat... GOD built the iceberg.Big Grin

wow ....that's some cool info on your town. Drove plenty of Furgesone tractors when I was a kid.

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LOL even my sig line offended somebody!
It's pretty amazing they found a guy who was at the maiden launch and is still alive.


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Lot of interesting history out there on the Titanic. I've watched a few of the History Channel specials on it this anniversary weekend.

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upload a photo on internet

Been hearing and learning about the old titanic sence i was in 3rd grade..The unsinkable ship that sunk....And when they found it...I dont think anyone couldnt get enough of the pictures...And i still remmeber them opening the safe they pulled off the bottom on tv...lol...I find it kinda disturbing thou that alot of kids now days think it was just a movie!!..Teachers i guess dont teach history anymore huh?
I've always been interested in Titanic documentries...I got my fix over the weekend! Hard to believe it has been 100 years and only 26 since they located her resting place.

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lmao {shakes head}
rocketfoot;64906 Wrote:I've always been interested in Titanic documentries...I got my fix over the weekend! Hard to believe it has been 100 years and only 26 since they located her resting place.

Got a good fix also. In the end they can't blame anyone
even though they have tried for years. One of the hosts
mentioned the way the Titanic struck the iceberg would
have crippled if not sunk a modern battleship. They don't
make battleships anymore but you catch his drift.


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Dunlop tires? interesting...
The Titantic was real? Oh Crap!!!

Just kidding....

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