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litttle box on the soleniod?
Hi there, on my 1973 351, I had this little square box maybe, 1'long and .5" wide with two small bolt coming from the front. There was a lug which attached this to the battery cable side of the solenoid. From this box was a large black wire which goes back toward firewall. Basically I twisted the one threaded end off wjhich now renders this box unserviceable! Is it needed and if so would somebody tell me what it is and what it used to do! The back of this says "type 1110" Thanks again

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Picture is all blurry but seems to look like the circuit breaker for the auxiliary power feed into the interior. Used for power convertible top, power windows, AC high power, underhood lights, etc.
Its a circuit breaker. this connects to a thick black wire with yellow dots that runs over to the firewall above the main harness. It has its own grommet going into the firewall. Once through the firewall it runs through a small piece of plastic conduit that travels down behind the emergency brake assembly and ends there. It has a yellow connector with 3 female connections on it that are used for what RacerX told you.

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Yep, that's exactly what it is. The wire that connects to it comes from the driver' side firewall across the cowl to the solenoid, and is about 6 feet long or so.


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