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vibration in drivetrain

Since the last view weeks my car has a new symptom. At 2300 rpm I am having heavy vibrations in my drivetrain. If i change the engine speed +/- 200 rmp everything is fine again.
This is independent from the vehicle speed or gear. It`s more or less the same in standstill and N or P position.

My transmission is a C6 with stall speed 2000 rpm. I have checked all auxiliary systems (ventilation, servo, alternator) and the exhaust system (to be sure that exhaust does not hammer to carbody).

Could this be a problem of my C6 transmission? Does anyone have any ideas ? Huh

Thanks for help.

best regards Christian

My Mustang is a "hybrid vehicle" it burns fuel and rubber Big Grin
If it is the same in P or N could not see how it could be in the tranny. My first guess was the drive shaft out of balance or U joints but if it does it sitting still thats not possible either. Just a guess but maybe the harmonic balancer is badHuh Some more knowledgeable folks will be along shortle I'm sure.
Possibilities; balancer, flexplate, torque converter, pulleys, water pump, front drive accessories... have you added or changed any rotating components lately? Maybe remove front drive belts to see if the vibration changes. A cracked flexplate can shake like crazy. Is there a "clunk" when putting the trans in gear?

Jeff T.

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Could be balancer, but if it's not been excessively abused, it shouldn't be the problem. You could lubricate the U-joints and see if it helps at all... sometimes the driveline angles aren't perfect after all these years and many people neglect to lube the U-joints. Makes a big difference... I like the Mobil 1 Synthetic grease stuff.

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I had the same problem I checked my push rods and they were bent. Had a problem with oil keeping lifters pumped up. Finally ended up putting a mechanical cam in it that was a 351c
Could also be the torque converter to flexplate bolts, loose or missing.

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an easy look would be a tranny and engine mounts!!!! i had a nasty looking tranny mount last year and it had a ford stamp on it. Tongue, probably my original one and it was older than me.
Concur with motor/tranny mount.

If motor mount goes, fan will get awfully close/clip shroud. Hate when that happens.

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