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Altering a Ram Air Plenum
Ive been rattling this idea around but i would like to add ram air to my car. I know they reproduce the plenum. Heres the issue, im running an oval air cleaner for the look. I dont want to remove that.

How hard would it be (making it look good at the same time) to make the round hole for the plenum oval shaped to fit my air cleaner?
Anyone know of anyone ever attempting this?

How could i even go about doing it if i wanted to?

Keep in mind, my aircleaner is spaced (i think an inch) to clear the MSD Distributor. I have the oval mustang air cleaner that cj's sells. Would this even be worth the effort?

"Do it once, do it right!"
I'm not sure you'd gain much having the plenum unless your air cleaner sealed to it. You'd have to screw something to the bottom plate of the air cleaner to extend out from the edge all the way around and mount a rubber or foam seal to it, otherwise you're not getting all the "cold" air and are pulling in "hot" underhood air as well, without any "pressurizing" effect. I would make a mark on your cowl where the back edge of the hood lines up, open hood, measure from the mark to the back of the air cleaner (subtract at least 1" for clearance or seal), and then measure that far from the back of the hood forward. That would tell you where the back of your oval hole would end up and you could see if the plenum would even be able to be cut that far.

hmmmm thanks for the info. i may actually decide against this. seems kinda complicated

"Do it once, do it right!"
Mock it up with cardboard maybe? Having an aluminum "lip" made that is mounted to the bottom of the air cleaner wouldn't be such a big deal. The whole thing would be expensive though.


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