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Which One Do You Pick?
Here is a lesson for all the young guys....

There was a 30'ish, very successful young man who thought it was probably about time to settle down. However, he had a hard time deciding which of his 3 girlfriends should get the engagement ring. So he decided to give them each $10,000. He was hoping their decisions regarding the cash would help him make up his mind.

2 days later after a hard week at work, he steps out of his office building, and in front of him is a Big Black Cadillac limo. Girl friend number 1 steps up to him wearing a string bikini, plants a big wet one on him and informs him she has arranged for a 1 week Bahama vacation on a private beach. She spoke to his boss and also got him the week off...so off he went.

After getting the full body tan treatment, our hero returns to the office. The instant he opens the door he looks around the office and everything is completely redone. His prior drabby digs are now elegant and modern. To top it off, girl friend #2 is laying on the desk waiting for our hero to thank her...which he gladly does.

After a few passionate hours, #2 takes leave. As our hero is also on his way out the door the phone rings. He considers not answering the phone, but intuition tells him he should answer the phone. On the other line is girlfriend #3. She apologizes for being so distant the past 10 days, however she was working very hard on investing his hard earned money. So hard in fact, the turned the $10k into $40k...AFTER TAXES. He agrees to meet her for a night on the town to celebrate.

The Choice....which girl friend gets the ring. The choice is actually very easy, and very obvious.

The girl who gets the ring, is the one with the largest pair of personalities...

[Image: 11jmcuc.png]
351C Bold Manners, Brash Attitude
Favorite Teams: Michigan Wolverines and Whoever Is Playing Ohio State.

When I drive past a herd of cows, the cows MOO at me
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