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Installing Retrofit Seats
I do not have shoulder harnesses in my '73 convertible. The older I get the more I like having my original teeth and unbroken face. I am thinking harnesses would be good insurance to keep my teeth and face.

I was think of replacing my stock seats with a pair of Dodge Stealth or 3000GT seats for several reasons:

1. My seats are crap and need to be redone anyway. Foam is shot. Vinyl is cracking. The plastic backs are all scratched up from the constant removal of cases and kegs of XX in my rear seat.
2. My drivers seat is broke...the fore/aft mechanism no longer locks. Although I am more apt to hit the gas pedal then the brakes, in those rare instances when I do hit the brakes, the seat goes forward.
3. The Stealth seats have a shoulder harness guide built into the seat(see photo), so if I install a shoulder harness kit, the harness will come over the top of my shoulder.
4. Stealth seats are fairly similar to the Mustang...think they sit a little lower though...might need to shim them up.
5. My butte and back have about 30k miles in a Stealth seat, so we are familiar with each other.

Any tips on what to look for, or hazards to avoid when swapping out seats?

Anyone mount a harness guide on a Mustang seat?

Any other seat with harness guide suggestions?

Once a get a system installed, any suggestions on how to test the belts and harnesses to make sure they work? And no, I am not going to test them by rear ending Rocketfoot...or his car.

[Image: 2rf3i1k.jpg]

[Image: 11jmcuc.png]
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