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DEAD dome lamp and cd player UPDATE
Ok i went to mess with the issue today from my previous post and heres what i found out. The 9AMP fuse i told you was blowing out is actually supposed to be a 14A. I replaced it with a 14A fuse and...pop!

I checked the accessory post that the cd player is hooked to. I have power. I also checked the fuse in the back of the CD player, its fine.

Here is my theory.

I keep blowing a fuse that is on a seperate circuit

When i loosened the accessory post i told you it became loose to the point that you can push it up into the fuse panel. The other side of the post looks like the top of a rivet or a nail head. What i think may be happening and i havent pulled the fuse panel out yet to check, but when i loosened that post and it became loose and i pushed it up i think i may have grabbed a wire with the edge of the post and when i tightened the post back down. i may have tore into a wire that is going to the back of the fuse panel, causing it to back feed and blow that fuse. Its a strange theory, i work in forensics for a living so this is how i think. Take a look at the pictures i found of a fuse panel and notice the locations of the wires and let me know if you think my theory is plausable. Ill laugh if im right.
[Image: 2lw0au.jpg]
[Image: vpi8wl.jpg]
[Image: 16k5r0l.jpg]
[Image: 34ybj0n.jpg]

"Do it once, do it right!"
Sounds logical to me and about my luck
Well my thoery was wrong but i took everything apart today, fixed the dash lights, put it all back together and no issues. Im not sure what happened but i do know that each step i took i stopped to see if i would blow a fuse and i did until i removed the gauge cluster from the car so it either had something to do with the gauge pod hittin/pushing on something or something arcing off of something??? i dont know. but everything is fine now

"Do it once, do it right!"
All is well that ends well

"Do it once, do it right!"
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