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Correct thermostat
Need some advice on the correct thermostat for a 351C 2V engine. I’ve seen both 180 and 190 degree thermostats out there. Which one is the best to keep the engine cool and any other information that would help.
I'm running a 180 degree with no issues. Just make sure you get a thermostat for a 351C not the one for the 351W, some parts places will tell you it makes no difference but it does.


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+1 on J and J posting. This may help. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-ever-...thermostat
180 is what I run currently in the 408C. On a stock or near stock engine the 192 will work fine if the rest of the cooling system is functioning properly. Chuck
Yes, make sure the thermostat is for a Cleveland, there is a big difference. I am running a 180.
Here is a brief article about the difference.



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Ditto on the 180 degree.

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One benefit of the Cleveland having large intake and exhaust ports is to help keep
the engine cool, more airflow through the manifolds. That is why the intake
manifold is dry.


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Make sure you have the brass restrictor plate, if you're using a stock style water pump. Some after market ones apparently do not need the restrictor or the Cleveland specific thermostat. Summit part number BRA-333-180 used to include the 180 degree t-stat and the brass restrictor, but I don't see any mention of the restrictor, now.
The 180 Stant numbers are 29468 & 13468, 192 are 29469 & 13469.

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Nice info I picked up a 180 from Mr Gasket which states its for regular and Higher RPM engines. Thanks a bunch
351C Thermostat...

Prior to using a CLEVELAND TYPE thermostat, make sure you have a
351C Coolant Bypass Restrictor Plate in your motor. If your motor has ever been hot tanked(typical during a rebuild), chances are this plate has been removed/destroyed during the process.

If you do not have a restrictor plate, then you need to get one of these:


This plate will work with the NON 351C thermostat.

Here is a description from the web page:
It has been an accepted fact for decades now that the 351 Cleveland bypass system was not the greatest idea Ford ever came up with. The unique 351c thermostat "hat" never seals well, causing a certain portion of coolant to just circulate through the block and never make it to the radiator. Years ago, the Pantera enthusiasts (all Panteras had cooling issues from the factory BTW) found that if they soldiered a penny into the hole in their restriction plate and used a standard small block Ford thermostat, their cooling issues all but disappeared. That trick worked fine until Ford discontinued the brass restrictor plate. This aluminum unit is designed to be installed as-is in conjunction with a standard thermostat , you cannot use the 351 Cleveland unique thermostat with this block off plate. The tiny hole in the center is for air bleed only.

Even with this, I do not understand the comment "worked find until Ford discontinued the brass restrictor plate".

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Great info, Z. I thought the same thing when I read that about the restrictor/restriction plate. Why would Ford discontinue it?


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