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Jump to a forum page
If I want to go to page 144 in the forum "What did you do to your car today", how do I do that without having to click through all the other pages?


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There should be page numbers at the bottom of the thread... sometimes the last page won't give you anything and you need to go to the next to last. Also, on the view new posts list, there is a green arrow before the thread name (points to the right), if you click it, it will take you to the newest unread post in the thread. Hope that helps...
I usually just type the page I want directly into the url.

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BANG, That worked.
Wonder if it would work when a thread runs out.
You get the message 'page not available' or something like that.
Sometimes I will save a page in "favorites" but I also like to be able
to navigate the site.



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Like TheJ said, just replace the last numbers in the address bar with the numer of the page you want to access.
Those "endless" threads like the one you mentioned are great, but a PITA if you wanna look for something but don´t know what page it was on.

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