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Power Steering help
Appreciate the help on this guys..................

Had a minor leak on the power steering hose that runs from the cooler to the steering box, took the hose off and got a new one made up at a local hose shop using the original fitting for the steering box end, fitted the new hose, topped the fluid level to check what I lost from the hose removal with ATF as per the dipstick instruction.
Fired the motor and did the usual lock to lock to bleed the system but no power assistance unless I increase motor rpm's.
Thinking it was air took the car for a short round town drive where after less than a mile I lost all power assistance so headed back to my shop, checked under the hood, no leaks, cooler cold, pipes cold but pump casing hot, left it for a while & tried again, have assistance if I rev the motor but nothing at idle ................. any ideas?

Thanks again, appreciate any help
Is this the original pump that came from the factory?


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Is it still full after driving? Is it making any ugly noises? Is the belt tight (long shot)? The pump could be bad due to being driven with low/no fluid. My experience is they are pretty hard to kill but it can be done. There is a rebuild kit available assuming the major components are not beyond using.
Did it work right before you changed the hoses ? If it did, you know it isn't the pump.
Believe it or not the more modern pumps will actually fit our cars - I can't remember the designation but they are the typical 5.0 pumps from the 90's. They are quiet and reliable. You can also run an external reservoir with one if you choose though it makes them noisier.
Maybe you have a restriction, or blockage in the hose that is preventing the fluid from flowing.

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Thanks guys..........

It is the original factory pump, belt tension is ok, no blockage, worked perfectly before I changed the return hose, no noises, its still on full dipstick marker after driving & I topped up the fluid loss after fitting the new hose so the pump did not run dry.
Here's a result though that may help others, left the car over night & spoke with a few local guys who said its the same system used in our (British) Ford Capri's in the 70's/80's ...... trick is to jack the front wheels free so pa requirement is virtually nil, fire the motor and do the lock to lock procedure a couple of times before the fluid heats up to bleed the air from the system ....... which I did this morning and it worked!!!
Still waiting to test drive as I had to shoot off for a site job but dropped the wheels back to the floor 1st & seemed ok

I just bought my power steering pump with gear box, well when I say just bought I mean 08. Until now I did not get much time between deployments to do much to the car. Now I am pretty deep into it, I got my box on and have it filled with PSF and I hopefully be able to check it today. Good luck with yours

So, rentascout you bring up a good point... the old pumps used ATF (Type F) I'm pretty sure as was suggested earlier in this post. I used Power Steering fluid when I installed my new steering gear on the car... this was many years ago and I haven't driven the car except around the block... now not at all since the motor and tranny are out.

Any opinions on what fluid to use? I suppose if you have the original pump and gear, then stick with ATF. I will probably go with a pulley and accessory setup when the time comes, so whatever that pump recommends (hopefully power steering fluid!) is what I'll end up using...

Moving on a little, after a long spell of bad weather & busy with work I tried out the car today & while I have some power assistance I still have a problem!
Its the original pump with 34k miles use, the fluid is ATF, its new & the level checked when hot is ok, the belt is tensioned correctly, I dont have any leaks & I didnt have a problem before changing the hose which was leaking slightly at the steering box connection.
Here's the problem/observations ..........

Motorway driving at 70/80 mph ....... I get the feel for level of assistance, make a minor correction, after the initial steering input the level of assistance increases slightly creating an over correction!!!

Urban driving ......... as above but not quite so dangerous, seems I dont have constant pressure.

Any ideas/help appreciated as always
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