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COMING SOON!! Halogen LED (Multi-Color) Halo Headlights
Pair of Multi-Color LED Halo Halogen Headlights for all 1965-1968 and 1970-1973 Mustangs.

[Image: HLA35.jpg][Image: HLA35_5.jpg]

If you're looking for a way to stand out from the crowd at your local Sunday cruise-in or car show, these LED Halo Headlights are the perfect addition to your early model Mustang!

These headlights not only look great, but will provide greater visibility, typically 50% brighter than stock. The headlights feature a Euro Style Diamond-cut reflective base with a Diamond Crystal glass lens with a Halo/Angel Eye LED SMD Ring and include standard size H4 bulbs that look blue, but illuminate as an ultra white color.

The Halo ring uses 21 low temperature SMD LED multi-colored bulbs, some of the brightest available. Typical life span is around 100,000 hours, however these LED bulbs are individually replaceable if needed. The LED Halo lights include a credit card size remote that allows you to instantly choose any 1 of 16 different colors as well as brightness of the LEDs at the push of a button. A RGB harness is used to control the color of the LED lights, the RGB harness connects to a power source(battery, ignition, ect) and a ground. The LED Halo can instantly and immediately turn on, no warm up time required!

Each headlight includes a ceramic tip pigtail harness that will protect your factory wiring from hotter H4 bulbs like Xenon. As well as a dust boot that fits over the back of the H4 bulb and creates a water tight seal. Universal installation instructions are also included, but are not Mustang specific.

Installation Tip from CJ Pony Service: Connecting the Halo lights to the parking lights on a 1965-1968 Mustang allows the Halos to be turned on and off with the headlight switch. The first location on the headlight switch turns on the parking lights(and Halos) then the second location turns on the headlights and turns off the parking lights(and Halos).

*Minor trimming of the factory headlight bowls may be required, enlarging the center hole on the headlight bowl will allow the bulb to properly sit in the bowl.
*These are standard size 7” headlight bulbs, most vehicles from 1936-1979 used 7” headlight bulbs which these can replace.
*Will not fit 1969 Mustangs.


HEADLIGHT HALOGEN LED HALO MULTI-COLOR PAIR 1965-1968/1970-1973 - CJ Pony Parts, Inc.

Steve Riss | CJPP Forum Administrator
CJ Pony Parts, Inc.
1-800-888-6473 ext. 143

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