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Wire/Plug Identification
I am hoping someone can answer my father's question here about my Mach 1. He wrote:

"In the 1st pic in the dash behind the speedometer cluster at the top of the pic are three cut wires 2 black and 1 tan with white. I found the plug in the 2nd pic in a bag that came in the trunk of the car. Colors and wire size are the same, don’t know what it goes to."

This is a factory tach car. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Checked my diagrams, even a colored.one and cant find it. I to have that pigtail under the dash. Its unhooked. it looks like that brown wire has a white stripe. Are there any other colored dashes or stripes on the black wires?

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The second picture is a plug for the tail-lights: either from the tail-light harness, or from the main underdash harness.

For the first picture, what year Mach 1 is this from? My guess is that this is emissions-related, carb solenoid?

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[Image: oldfart.png]
The plug goes to the cut wires, which goes to the speed sensor on the 73 speedometer cable
Should also be a brown plug with 2 wires 1 red w/ yellow and 1 blk w / yellow
That harness Tag number D3ZB-12K454-DA was only used in 73's
It was part of the harness that runs to the red emmision / idle box and to the temp sensor in the RH door jamb.

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