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Do i need this part?
Sounds dumb but not sure on this one either. I have factory air but i am not hooking it back up. Is this required for heater operation?
[Image: 2w2n05w.jpg]

Almost done!

[Image: wr13pu.jpg]

"Do it once, do it right!"
I believe it's your heater control valve. If you don't have you will not be able to shut off the coolant coming into the heater core. It will be hot in the car.
i gotcha, then ill be installing it. Thanks

"Do it once, do it right!"
It is the heater control valve, and it shuts off engine coolant to the heater core when the air conditioning is selected. If you aren't going to use the air conditioning, you can leave it out and it will be the same as a non A/C car. If you leave it in but don't hook up the vac line, the valve may close on it's own and you'll have no heat.

After taking a second glance at it i see how it works. Ill just hook it up so that i can kill the coolant from coming in so that the interior doesnt heat up like LCB1 said. I won't need heat. Spring and summer drives only. i didnt know if leaving it off caused a vacuum problem anywhere.

"Do it once, do it right!"
it is for max a/c only , applies vacum to it to shut colant to heater box on max ... will work fine with out ...
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